Monday, February 27, 2006

Sunrise Over Browns' Backyard!

This is one of Josiah's many sunrise pictures he has taken.
Be sure to check the link to his blog to see more!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Guess what? My Spring and Summer pictures must have worked!
I had a whole week of beautiful weather to get a good head start
on my yard clean-up. It was great to get outside and "play" in my flower beds!
The dirt under the fingernails wasn't so great, but then I have a live in manicurist!
However, I wore myself out, so having winter back isn't so bad, except maybe for my newly planted Primroses!! ...And I have time to update my blog!
Good old Mt. Jefferson as seen from our front porch. I can also see it from my kitchen window. We've had some beautiful sunrises coming up behind it lately.
This time of year and fall are the best for clear views of the mountain with no haze.

I treasure the first signs of Spring!

The Crocus' faired very well through our 20 degree weather!

The rest will remain to be seen.

Colonel, our 17 year old cat pictured above, also made it through the biting cold days & nights. Josiah and I rigged him up in the garage with a nice bed & heater! (He takes a lickin' and just keeps right on tickin')! Moses, our outdoor Siamese, rigged himself up in the barn nice & cozy. We put our breeding Siamese to bed with warmed canned food, warm water, a trouble light, and a blanket hung over the door to their house. We've all been enjoying basking in spots of sun during the day. I for one am not looking forward to going back to rain!