Monday, April 24, 2006


The boys' fort in the shade of the Cherry Tree makes me nostalgic for years gone by. They had so much fun in that fort. Now Josiah is busy getting his GED in the mornings and finishing up his Senior year of Homeschool studies in the afternoon. Then he works in the yard or stacks wood for a couple of hours. He's working off his car insurance! Jeremiah is also in his last year of Post High Special Education. Dennis has vacation again this week. He has been mending and painting fences. His next project: this rotted out arbor. The weather has been just gorgeous! I've been spreading barkdust and getting all the Iris beds ready for bloom time! Only one month away now!


Our last rain was, of course, during the Eggstravaganza at church!
We've had nice weather ever since!


For those of you familiar with "Christmas Vacation", Dennis as Cousin Eddy, is emptying the...well you know the line... "The ------ is full!"
Oscar does like his new location by the way. He's next to the property line with the Bouchells, who give him treats by the way. He's right next to the orchard so hopefully he can keep a better eye on it and chase any deer with munching in mind away.

Monday, April 10, 2006


This picture was taken a couple of weeks later than the picture below. The Oregon Grape now takes center stage as the Forsythia wanes.
The Forsythia in full bloom in front of our house. The grain elevator you see in the distance, is the one on our church property, believe it or not.


Definitely not the caliber of the tulips in front of our Nation's Capitol (see Jessi & Andrew's blog)... But I am so enjoying them. Maybe next spring will find us viewing tulips in Virginia! We did have just as many on the other side of the porch too, but guess what? The deer came and had a midnight snack and that was the end of "all" of them in one night! Needless to say, we've been closing the gate every night now. Jessi will remember what a pain that is!These are my new "pink" daffodils! Ha! Look orange to me! Well, maybe a little on the peachy side.
Now this is pink!!!


The old Colonel comforting Suki after her hysterectomy last week.
She is officially retired!
For the most recent pictures of Sheba's kittens, check "Cats Cradle".
Must feel terrible to be replaced! Of course she could be relieved! I'd have to go back and check to be sure, but she must have had close to 15 or more litters of kittens!


I did finally manage to get a cover made for my swivel scrapbooking/sewing chair and a new cover for the piano bench in navy blue with little white stars and the stripes you see spite of Bernard and Sheba playing bookends on my ironing board!