Saturday, July 22, 2006


Welcome to the Portland, Oregon Rose Test Gardens!
Yes, that's where we voted to go instead of the zoo. 4-1 I think. Grandad never really voted!
There's just something about the view of that tall building surrounded by all those roses.It just keeps popping up in all our pictures!
Mt. Hood would have been better. We know it's there somewhere!
It's just too hazy to see it.


This makes up for Grandad's birthday picture that didn't turn out.
He turned 74 on June 23rd, the same day as the boys' graduation party.
I think he was the only one of us that really wanted to go to the zoo! But...I think he enjoyed himself anyway. How could he not being with all of us wonderful people!


After Carissa's appointment July 11 in Portland to try out a Speech Easy devise, we had two options: the Zoo or the Rose Gardens. You can see which one won! By the way, the devise worked!!! Rissa didn't stutter at all while wearing the hearing aid like devise! Hopefully very soon she'll have her own and start learning to use it with proficiency. It was late afternoon by the time we got out of the appointment, so we did a mozy through the gardens and then sat down to our sack dinners amidst all the beauty.
After dinner Grammy & Grandad found a bench with a view. It was very difficult to make ourselves get up and go home, but it's an hour and a half to home and unfortunately tomorrow is another work day.
However, on the way out, there is always one more beautiful, perfect bud that must be admired.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Nico Blue Hydrangias and Fairy Roses
Daylilies, Lavender, Feverfew, and in the foreground, Spirea
Calla Lilies
Mallow And the Grand Finale!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Josiah taking his turn as pitcher for Valley Life Center.
Doing a great job too!Jeremiah taking his turn as catcher, loving every minute of it.Josiah up at bat. Watch out! He hits 'em way out there!
That happens to be cousin Denise Friesen on 1st base playing for Faith Free! Jeremiah warming up for his up at bat. Both boys made it to home by the way, scoring for Valley Life Center. And...that is cousin Warren Lamb pitching for Faith Free! Cousin Kevin Friesen was also playing for the Faith Free team. Cousins against cousins! I won't tell you who won!


We celebrated the boys' graduations and my retirement as a Homeschool teacher on the 23rd of June with a few of their friends from church. Both boys have completed their highschool education; Josiah completing Homeschool studies through Alpha Omega and taking his GED, Jeremiah finishing up his vocational and daily living skills at Post High, and me? I finished my 24th year of Homeschooling! I can't believe how fast those 24 years flew by. It seems like just the other day I was teaching Jessi, our oldest, to read. Now our youngest has graduated! They weren't easy years, with 2 learning disabled children to get over all their individual hurdles (still working on that!), but they were the most rewarding and fulfilling years of my life! I thank the Lord for such an awesome opportunity! Josiah cutting his famous 3 layer "Chocolate Peanutbutter Checkerboard Cake" for Alex, Brandon, & Josh.Jeremiah opening his new digital camera, and Josiah yet another congratulations card...some with money! Brandon Shinn and Ben Schott, our "son" who lived with us during the school year of 2001 - 2002, looking on.