Tuesday, January 16, 2007


We had more ice and snow this morning! The snow left on our trees from last Thursday's snow storm are now like frozen cotton balls!One of my favorite subjects to photograph after it snows is our "Tortured Filbert" next to our front walk. We planted it specifically for winter interest.
Bernard is not too sure he likes Moses so close to his territory! Moses is sitting in the window box under the kitchen window trying to get closer to warmth, and Bernard loves to sit on the kitchen window sill and watch the birds.
A look back to a beautiful sunrise before the snow.And I'll end with a beautiful view of Mount Jefferson as the sun comes up behind it!

Saturday, January 13, 2007


This has been a beautiful week, with snow both Wednesday and Thursday, and then cold temperatures down in the teens at night preserving all the beauty. Here at the 500' level, we got close to 5" of the fluffy stuff. It is so powdery it doesn't even make a decent snowball, let alone a snowman! Today, some thought they'd see if the ice was thick enough to hold their weight. Georgy, Grammy and Grandad's cat, went first. So Josiah thought he'd give it a try, very tentative at first as you can see, staying very close to the edge just in case!
"Look, Mom, no hands!"
Wow! It even holds Jeremiah. Turns out, the ice was close to 4" thick!

Here are the promised "Friesen Carolers"! I know, not very many could come, but you know it's quality not quantity that counts! Because there were so few of us, we just went to The Village's Assisted Living Center. We had a good time visiting with cousin Brenda home from Florida for Christmas.

Yes, Dennis was there too. He and Brenda traded off taking the pictures. That's Rosella Wall and Alma Smith in the center of the picture. They were a couple of the ones we caroled to. Then Larry and Dorthy (on the left) opened their home for more visiting and goodies.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Jessi came home from Virginia for Christmas! So we had Andrew's brother, Aaron, and his wife, Lisa, join us for a "Cheese Soup" dinner, which is one of Jessi's favorite dishes. We all miss Andrew, who is in the Middle East. (See link to Drew's Journeys.)This was "Christmas Eve Eve", as we called the evening all of the extended Friesen family that could got together. Dennis and Grandad are enjoying the annual tradition of Cheese Fondue. It's getting harder and harder to fit everyone into one photo, not to mention my living room!Alysun, Jessi, Grammy, and Aunt Sherri enjoying more goodies.Emma opening the cute little outfit that Jessi got for her.
And Josiah, enthralled with his Camel Back canteen sent by Andrew from the Middle East as his early birthday present. He was able to try it out "in the field" while paint balling the weekend after Christmas. Notice Jessi with Emma in the background. And this is how it works. Pretty cool, yes?