Thursday, April 26, 2007


What a guy! Sorry, Martha! Mount Vernon was a lot more fun this time minus the hurricane! It may have been cold, but not enough to keep us from enjoying the beautiful spring day in George's gardens. The picture below is one of my favorites, a view of the cupulo through a dogwood tree.The complementary colors of the yellow daffodils and the purple redbuds were a real eye catcher. What I wouldn't give to have a cute garden shed like that! It matches the outhouse!
Would you believe that this is his outhouse? Fancy, eh? See the doors in the brick at the bottom? They shoveled it out and used it for fertilizer in the gardens!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


This has to be my favorite place in Washington D.C. It is so relaxing and beautiful here. Robert E. Lee's house overlooking Arlington Cemetery.

Lee's house and land were confiscated by the Union Army during the Civil War. What irony that the first soldiers buried here were Union soldiers on a Confederate Generals land!
It wasn't raining this time, so we were able to take our time taking it all in. And there is a lot to take in; the beauty, the history, the architectural features, and the views.
The view from Lee's front yard. The Washington Memorial is on the left and the Jefferson Memorial is on the far right, with the Capital dome taking center stage.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Iwo Jima! It still takes my breath away. We drove by it every time we came and went from our hotel, the Hyatt in Arlington, where the 3 of us stayed for our first weekend in D.C.
And of course the focus of our visit, our beautiful daughter, who we had missed so much! She's sitting in a weeping cherry in Arlington Cemetery. Yeah, we didn't quite miss out on all the cherry blossoms!
In historic Jamestown our tour guide was awesome. Our 40 minute tour took almost an hour and a half and we didn't even realize it! He was great!This is a view through the windshield of Jessi's Audi on our way from Jamestown to Williamsburg. (Through the windshield as you're driving is about the only way to photograph these views, because as you can see there are no shoulders on the roads like we have here!) Everywhere you looked there were redbuds and white dogwoods. Beautiful!
Then of course there were the tulips! Lots of tulips, as you will see in future posts!