Thursday, September 13, 2007


Where do you think we headed first?
Duh!! The landscaping section of course!Josiah and I had a great time admiring all the plant combinations and special features. He's definitely inherited that gardening gene! By the way he's taking this term off from Chemeketa to continue working for Daryl's Nursery. He just loves it there, while learning so much...and getting paid for it!If you've never taken the Fair Lift, you're really missing out. It's the best ride in the whole fair and the most economical. You can see the whole fair as you travel the length of it and back on a round trip. You definitely get the most bang for your buck than any other ride. (Unless you're paying to throw up that is!) I think I found the missing links!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I just know that God created sunflowers to cheer us. Who could be sad looking at their bright, sunny faces?These are sunflowers grown from seed that I collected from last year's crop. They have soared to new heights this year though!
In case you wondered: the berries are from the asparagus plants!
Low bridge! Watch out those seed heads can be quite heavy and give quite a whop to the head when walking under them! But, I can't bring myself to trim them back. They're just too pretty and the birds love the developing seed heads. I have brought quite a few in for a continual bouquet in the kitchen.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


What would August be without the corn harvest! Well, last year we could tell you. We didn't plant any corn last spring so that we could save the money we would have spent to water it so we could go to Virginia and visit Jessi at Easter this year. It was so good to taste our own fresh corn on the cob this year! But even better than the corn, was the visit from my best friend and walking partner, Linda, who ended up helping me put the cut corn in bags. I have missed her so much since her and her husband sold their house across the street last December, and have now moved to the Medford area. Ron and Dennis shot the breeze outside while Dennis cut the corn from the cobs. My job was the blanching and bagging. Anyway it was such a nice surprise to have Ron and Linda visit. Linda says she is now officially a "bag lady"! And another treat...she came back Monday morning and we walked to the park together just like old times!As the centerpiece from the baby shower moved inside to the dining room table, Bernard felt it would enhance it if he was in it! I have to admit the blue eyes do bring out the blue in the flowers!


Sherri with Emma in her cute little pink outfit that she picked out to wear all by herself!
Grammy the silent observer.


Unlike some family reunions, the Friesen reunions are always fun. They all have great sense of humors, which makes for a lively group. But best of all, they all love the Lord, which gives us all something in common, no matter what our walk in life. Uncle John, Cousin Larry, and Uncle Ed, who by the way had a successful replacement surgery for his replacement hip one week after the reuion.
We were blessed to have Uncle Ernie & Aunt Adeline from California with us too. What a treat!
You know Seinfeld's episode on "cross talking"? Well, I loved this shot and the cross action it depicts. Lamar with grandaughter, Rile, relaxing on the front porch swing after everyone left.


It's been in the back of our minds for several summers that something needed to be done. So with Josiah urging us on, this summer we did it! We dug up what used to be such a beautiful lawn. It was really hard to get to this place. But what used to be, never will be again without water. So we're doing our best to make lemonaid out of our lemons.
Good thing Josiah has all those muscles. We put them to good use!
We did have some imported help also from Josh and Brandon. Although from this picture, I'm not so sure just how much help they were...more of a cheering section.
Well, that takes care of July. You'll have to wait and see how the project turns out. Actually so do we!


Carissa and Dennis went to the Concours in Forest Grove. The rest of us had obligations at church so didn't go. But they had a great time doing a father - daughter thing.


I figured it was time to catch up my blog. If Andrew even finally got his blog updated, I figured now that the hectic days of summer are about at an end, I could at least blog a summary of our summer. As you can guess from the previous a post, we've spent most of our summer hauling water, but here are a few other things we managed to fit in. We started off the summer with 3 cords of wood to be stacked. And guess who stacked it all by themselves? Me! That's who! With Josiah working full time at Daryl's Nursery, Carissa working full time at "on the job" training in Salem, Jeremiah playing the part of housekeeper, and Dennis working overtime to pay for water, that leaves me! Don't feel too sorry for me. I actually love to stack wood! I know. I'm warped!My 35th Dallas High School Reunion! Who are all those old people anyway? We had it at the Casino in Grand Rhonde. Great food and a really fun time!
The Friesen cousins...Twilla on the left and Marci on the right. I honestly don't know who is in between us!