Saturday, September 20, 2008


It's hard to believe that just a year ago this part of our yard was all torn up. When we started planting last fall, the Crepe Myrtles were what we were really excited about. Now, Tuscarora, one of the three we planted, is finally blooming!
The Mimosa tree is blooming in the background. Every year I threaten to get rid of it because of its messy nature...but it's just so pretty and smells good too!
This summer I added some ice plants from Daryl's Nursery to fill in with some color before the wedding. Here is one of them in the foreground of the Crepe Myrtle with some close ups of a couple of the others below. One of the great things about them, other than their beautiful flowers, is that they are drought tolerant!


Lightning would be easier to photograph if it would predictably strike twice in the same place. Josiah took these during that lightning storm we had the night of August 17th. He had to take an awful lot to get these two good ones.
However, there are things that strike twice a little more predictably. This year we have a new reblooming iris named Buckwheat, and it is putting on a good show the second time around.

Of course Cantina is at it again too. For more of it's extra ordinary reblooming habits, check the August, October, and yes, even the November 2006 archives.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We left after church on Sunday and decided we'd have our picnic lunch at this falls, that Dennis read about. It is actually a state park on the way to Pacific City. Can't remember the name and had never heard of it before and definitely never been there before. A falls in Oregon that we haven't seen?!!

Well, after hiking and nabbing one of the two picnic tables, we knew why we'd never been there before! No bathroom!!! And...we got our car all dusty on the gravel road back in there to boot! We enjoyed our lunch, quickly, and drove with due haste to find the necessary amenities.
After talking with my neighbor, who grew up in Tillamook, I've come up with the name of the falls: Munson Creek Falls. She said it was a favorite hangout of hers as a teenager. It was beautiful. Just go before you go!


Our next stop, after the bathrooms of course, was the dunes at Pacific City. Those who made it clear to the top of the dunes, had a terrific view. Well, I debated...keep going or stay with Jeremiah. He'd already plopped down in the sand declaring defeat. I remembered my youth and my determined spirit and just knew I could make it. joints were screaming "you made it half way. Don't be an idiot!" So I plopped down and joined him. Besides, it would only be the motherly thing to do to stay with him...right? Dennis, Carissa, and Josiah made it all the way to the top and took these beautiful pictures for us so we could see what we missed!


What a beautiful day! Did I mention it was 80* with a nice off shore breeze? The day went by way too quickly! I looked at my watch and it was already past 5:00! If we were going to get to Mo's for some Clam Chowder before the sun set, we'd have to hurry.
We look like refuges as we make our trek back to the car, some of us hobbling after our climb up the dune! Some of us (who will remain nameless) are still hobbling 3 days later!
We made it to D River, after a wonderful time at Mo's, just in time to watch the sun go down. These photos are courtesy of Josiah, who you all know loves to photograph sunrises and sunsets.
Wow! What a perfect ending to a perfect day. As we headed back inland there in front of us was the moon rising. We were able to watch it's progress all the way home. What an awesome Creator God we have!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Here comes her train! She is excited. Her parents are a little nervous! I mean it's Seattle for pity sake! I don't care how old she is! Last Saturday morning she set off on her excellent adventure to the Yankee/Mariner game. I admire her for her brave and adventurous spirit. I wouldn't have done it all by myself, but she knew what she wanted and went after it. I'm proud of her. And there she goes.
She had spectacular views from the train, but didn't take too many pictures to make sure she still had batteries left for the game. Priorities you know!
The mighty Columbia rolls on!


Rissa's train arrived in Seattle 3 hours before game time, so she was able to watch the warm ups. This was as up close and personal as she could get. She was hoping for a few autographs. It didn't happen, but not for lack of trying.
Our national anthem.
The Yankees played before a packed crowd. Carissa had a seat behind 3rd base 35 rows up.
Well, Carissa picked the best game of the 3 to go to. The Yankees scored 5 runs in an awesome 7th inning, and end up beating the Mariners 7-3!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


We ended August with yet another wedding. This time it was Dennis' field of expertise. I think this is the prettiest white on white cake he's done yet. It reminds me of an embellished Victorian ceiling. The wedding was held in the yard of a couple from our church family on Saturday evening. What a difference a couple weeks made in the weather. The wedding in our yard on the 16th was in the triple digits. This one was in the 60's and breezy, so they set the reception up inside putting the cake in front of the window.
With the weddings behind us, it's back to dividing iris, and canning the beans and tomatoes out of the garden, keeping up with the raspberries, and now the corn is ready! Before we can go to Boston, which is coming up quickly, we have to paint the south side of the house, finish up the plan for the sun room addition and get it submitted for estimates (if we're going to start it this fall), and 6 bushels of Gravenstines have to be made into applesauce! With that said, you might not hear from me for a while.