Wednesday, May 06, 2009


March 6, 1997 - April 27, 2009The past month and a half Oscar has been battling a fast growing tumor on his shoulder. After tesing and a course of antibiotics, it was wait and see. The vet felt that because of his age, the outcome of removal would be iffy, not to mention cost prohibitive for us. So as he went downhill fast, we finally had to make the heart wrenching dicision to euthenize him. We were in the motel at the time and felt it wasn't fair to him that we could only visit him a couple times a day. He needed his family nearby to comfort him in his misery and we couldn't be there, so the time had come.

We gave him his favorite, cat food, for his final meal. Crazy dog always did think he was a cat!
As we waited for time to take him to the vet, Oscar kept Josiah company as he dug.

Carissa and I couldn't stop crying as we remembered what a loving family member he'd been for more than 12 years. Josiah and I held him and soothed him as the vet put the needle in...
We loved you Oscar, so very much.
I still cry, and so badly want to feel his silky ears and look into his beautiful brown eyes again.
Good-by Oscar.


For 5 days last week, or maybe more to the point 5 hip aching nights last week this was our home.
And after Friday night which was booked solid, our families 4 vehickles were the only ones there.
But why you ask? This is why! Not to mention the headache causing fumes! We had to pack up and move out of the whole downstairs so that they could refinish the hardwood floors. Most of our furniture, other than what you see here, we crammed into our bedroom, the upstairs, and the garage. Not to mention all breakables had to be packed up in boxes. Again with the packing! With all the packing up I've done in the last 3 months, we might as well have moved! Looks a little empty.

The old finish came off very nicely. Unfortunately, I've been too busy unpacking, clearing our our bedroom so we could find the bed, and putting my living room back in order to get any pictures of the finished floor, but it is beautiful! We are trying to be patient as we wait, and wait some more for them to finish with the last details of the cabinet installation. I think they all forgot about us! I was so hoping to be back in my kitchen for Mother's day, but doesn't look like it now.